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History of Wands

There is archaeological evidence, which suggests that the origins of the magic wand dates back 50,000 years.  The oldest dated wand made of rock and mammut eyeteeth was found in the New Guinea Jungle in Africa. It is believed that the first homo-habilis nomad wizards used this wand to conjure fire and water as well as to transform dry desert land into a lush jungle forest and that it was also relied on to put animals to sleep before attacking and killing them.

Wands have ancient roots in mythology and magic.  They were associated with the gods, Druids, and fairies in particular, who used them as tools for causing magical transformations and other practical things such as locating useful or lost items.  There are several references in the Old Testament, which talk about wands being used.  For example Moses used his staff like a wand when he parted the sea.  The Pope has traditionally carried a wand in religious processions.  Wands are depended upon for Water Dousing, which is still practiced using a forked wand and they are also used in alternative and spiritual healing as energy shifting tools.

Using Your Crystal or Energy Wand

Healers have used Crystal Wands for centuries in rituals, energy massage and crystal healing work.  They are excellent tools for meditation, communication, transformation, balance, harmony, enhancing your environment, healing relationships and more.  

The first step in working with your Energy Wand is to tune into the energy of the crystals and direct universal love and peace towards your wand.  Ask your Higher Power and your Spirit Guides to help you.  

Soon you will feel the warmth and energy from the crystals flowing through you.

Now ask your Energy Wand to assist you in directing that loving energy to any place you choose - to a point in your own body, to a loved one - family, friend, pet or toward someone with a relationship which requires healing.  You can send compassion, protection, healing, transformation, harmony, a general feeling of well-being or uplifting feeling. Energy knows no distance so you can send this positive energy off to anywhere in the universe.

You can also use your Energy Wand the same way in meditation to help clear your mind and bring about clear vision by tapping into your inner wisdom.

When you have completed your healing or meditation session always send the energy of gratitude in to the universe and to your Energy Wand.

Be sure to cleanse your Energy Wand about once a month (or after using on negative energy zones), by placing it overnight in the light of the full moon, or by smudging with sweet-grass or sage.

As you tune into your Energy Wand the results you achieve will increase. Continue to attune yourself to the highest energies in the universe and your positive intentions will be a shared experience for the greater good.

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Wands and Whimsy's uniquely crafted one-of-a-kind art pieces are created by Jordanna, using lead free silver bearing pewter.

Crystal Wands can be used as precious healing and meditation tools.  Their distinctive styling makes them a perfect gift of unusual artwork for bridal showers or weddings.  These wands are the ideal instruments for family, classroom or business discussions and children are enthralled with the idea of a real Fairy or Energy Wand!

All wands are made with copper throughout (an excellent conductor of energy!) and have copper surrounding each element.  They are lead free, so are completely safe for children and Jordanna takes great care to smudge all of the Crystals she works with before beginning her creations.

Jordanna has a large selection of Wands and Jewelry available and she welcomes the chance to create a custom piece exclusively for you!
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