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Lightworkers and healers have used Energy Wands as healing tools for centuries. When creating her one-of-a-kind wands, Jordanna chooses crystals for their beauty, colour, and metaphysical properties. Art collectors will recognize their craftsmanship. We carry a selection of wands for different tastes and purposes. Wands can be used for meditation, energy healing and clearing, chakra balancing, grid activation, astral travel, creating sacred space, manifestation, and prayer. Often it will become clear to the healer what their wand is meant to do.

Energy wands are available in a variety of sizes and some people have multiple wands for the different purposes that have been either dedicated or revealed.

Jordanna has also created a Commitment Wand [see bottom of page] designed to celebrate milestones in relationships -  marriage, handfasting, anniversaries, engagements.... They incorporate stones to represent love, passion, health, happiness, communication, and grounding.
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