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Amulets - Pendants with Intention

Each gemstone is individually set to enhance its contours. The amulets are suspended on a durable 100% cotton sliding cord. The bale is large enough that this cord may be replaced with your choice of chain, ribbon, or silk scarf.

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Custom Master Wand made for a Native Canadian Shaman
Custom Master Wand made for a Native Canadian Shaman
Fairy Finder
Amazonite and black Tourmaline,  Lava stone Wrist Garland for protection.
Custom Master Wand made for a healer who uses it for protection during house and energy clearings.
Gun metal patina Rose Quartz Amulet
Labradorite beauties from Madagascar,  Africa.
What a find!
Little Lapis Lazuli Amulet
Medium Energy Wands
Peacock Ore Amulet natural organic shape
Raw Amethyst Natural point Amulet
Smoky Quartz Lemurian Seed Amulet
Double terminated Balance Wand
Mini Lazer Wands
Posh Wand with Obsidian sphere
Lemurian Seed Quartz Amulets
Torah Pointer

Delishes green Healerite Amulets
Fun chunky
Wrist Garlands

Gemstone Chakra Wrist Garlands
Lemurian Seed Amulets
Rose Quartz the Amulets for love and peace
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